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Yoga adjustment

Personal Training

Besides group classes, personal trainings are a great opportunity to approach your personal goals/Needs.


You want to start with yoga in your own pace? You want to go deeper into yoga?  Learn more about alignment? Your working schedule doesn't match the offered yoga classes? You want to stay active through your pregnancy (soon) and even after? Maybe you also want to introduce your baby already to yoga? Or many other reasons.

1:1 trainings are perfect for private persons, (competitive-) athletes, companies (events), sport clubs or if you are a small circle of friends. The latter could also be interesting for small groups for "pre-/postnatal" and "baby & me" practices. 


Through private classes the practice will be adjusted to your needs. 1:1 classes give you the opportunity to experience your individual and personal care. 

If you want to know more about 1:1 classes Feel free to contact me!

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