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Yoga Posture


Yoga is for everybody. Let me share my passion with you!

Your body is your temple! Therefore, my goal is to focus on you and your body's wellbeing. My mission is to bring yoga to you in heathy and mindful way. I will guide you through the right movements (Asanas) and techniques, to pursue your objectives. Yoga does not only strengthen your body physically but will also improve your mental presence. Through the classes you will be able to listen to your body's needs, you will be rewarded by a healthy body!


 It doesn't matter if you are advanced or just starting, yoga is for everybody!

I am happy to accompany you on your path! Feel free to contact me if you want to know more about the classes! 


  • Luxembourg,

  • Munich and surrounding.

  • Dachau


  • Beginner to advanced

  • Pre-/Postnatal Yoga

  • Baby Yoga

  • Groups (events...)

  • Private classes

  • Consultation


  • Onsite

  • Online
About Us

About Me

"Yoga is more than just movements, it is a way of life"

Nadine Lanners Yoga

Hey you, welcome to my page! I am Nadine. Here is a small summary of my path to yoga. Honestly, unlike others for me yoga was not love at first sign (so don't give up too fast).


I am a competitive athlete, and I was introduced to yoga through my training about 5 years ago. By the time I also started little by little to jump into yoga for myself.


More and more I fell in love with yin yoga as I could see so many benefits from practicing. My body is coming in such a meditative state of mind where I could see many improvements in my personal life, as well as in my training as an athlete or also in my competitions.


For me yoga is far more than just a practice for me it's a way of life which I can identify myself which. So, I got a calling that the right path for me is to follow a yoga teaching training and I followed my intuition.

So, now you can call me yoga teacher, graduated last year! :) (2022)

Next step for me is to bring yoga also to you!




  • 200h YTT Yoga Teacher Training (Yoga Alliance certificated)

  • 85h advanced Pre-/Postnatal and Baby Yoga Training (Yoga Alliance Certificated)

  • 300 YTT Yoga Teacher Training (Ongoing)


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